Freedom of Expression

Manuelina. Tiny italian girl. Milan.
23 yrs old. Taurus.
Passionate and creative personality.
Music and fashion lover ♥

Free and open-minded worldview is the only thing that can save our society.

For me fashion is freedom, it's the courage to express myself, my creativity and my imagination.

I practice two of the most obscure hobbies in the world: write stories and play guitar! ahah!
U know, this things calm down my restless personality \m/

Music is my safest place to hide.

HIM.Muse.Depeche Mode.Adam Lambert.
Queen.Led Zeppelin.Black Sabbath.
IronMaiden.Metallica.The Pretty Reckless.Type O Negative.The 69 Eyes.Nightwish.Within Temptation.
London After Midnight.RHCP. etc.etc.

Ask //
Can’t f* wait for the new album \m/ #HIM #villevalo #burtonemerson #migeamour #gaslipstick #linde #gothicmetal #metal #rocknroll #rock #music #tearsontape #2013

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